Our Guaranteed Publication Support Includes the Following Services :-
  • Topic and Problem Statement
  • Research Gap Identification
  • Conducting Research
  • Developing the Manuscript
  • Pre-Submission Peer Review
  • Journal Selection
  • Substantive Editing
  • Formatting and Artwork Editing
  • Journal Submission
  • Plagiarism Check

Comprehensive Support For Manuscript Publishing at Pocket-Friendly Prices

The guaranteed publication package offered by Journal Experts is a bundle of premium services put together to ensure that the clients opting for this package are assured of acceptance of their manuscript. This package is offered to authors who have English as their second language, have limited knowledge about data analysis or do not know how to complete software simulations.
This package offers peace of mind to authors by ensuring that the manuscript will be developed by professionals who have immense experience in what they do. Guaranteed publication as a package is offered only when the author has done little or no work on the manuscript.
If however, the author has already worked on a portion of research or developed the manuscript partially, the author should prefer to opt for our quick publication package.
If you have already developed your manuscript and need assistance only for the publication part, please consider submitting your draft manuscript for a peer review.
Tentative Pricing Structure for the Guaranteed Publication Package*
Type of Manuscript Timeline Price INR(Taxes Extra) $ Price USD Price MYR
Review Paper Review of 30-40 Reference 2-3 weeks ₹ 37500 $ 506.82 2064.70
Empirical Paper Data Analysis using SPSS AMOS 6-8 weeks ₹ 79850 $ 1079.19 4396.43
Technical Paper Implementation using Matlab, NS2, Java, CST, Python 10-12 weeks ₹ 159400 $ 2154.33 8776.35
Life Sciences Paper Includes data analysis and manuscript development 8-10 weeks ₹ 79850 $ 1079.19 4396.43
*Prices mentioned above are tentative and will change on the basis of research being conducted and target journal. Kindly write in to scholarhelp@journalexperts.co for a quote for your research.
Important Terms Of Conditions For Guaranteed Manuscript Publication Package
  • Guaranteed publication package offers guarantee for acceptance of the manuscript in the targeted journal index list. We do not guarantee publication of the manuscript in a particular journal.
  • For example, as a client, you can ask for a targeted journal list as being Scopus, SCI-Indexed or ABDC, but not a specific journal name.
  • It is to be further noted that after the above mentioned journal preparation time, it takes 2-3 weeks for us to format the manuscript, prepare a cover letter and submit it in the journal. Thereafter, it is upon the journal to get back with review and comments. Till the time, one journal does not get back with review, we will be unable to submit the manuscript elsewhere.
  • Further, if the journal editors returns the manuscript with some comments for improvement, we at Journal Experts shall carry those improvements and re-submit the manuscript for review to the journal. In case, the journal rejects the manuscript, we will prepare the manuscript for another journal with changes in format and cover letter. Journal Experts guarantees to keep re-submitting the manuscript to three journals in case of rejections from the previous journal. If even the third journal rejects the manuscript, Journal Experts shall refund 50% of the total fee paid by the client back.

Now you can get a no obligation review of your manuscript by our expert team. Our team will advise you points of improvement for the manuscript which will increase chances of publication.