IEEE Tx Publishing Service

Getting the manuscript published in the most prominent journal, i.e. IEEE journal is a milestone achieved in academics.

Besides adding visibility to one’s research, publishing in IEEE journal also adds reputation and helps research students get recognized within the research community.

Publishing a manuscript in IEEE, the most cited publisher involves several challenges. To meet the writing guidelines of the journal, the manuscript must offer advanced and new insights, sufficient background information, and must be easily accessible and readable for the non-specialists as well.

IEEE Acceptance Requirements

Every publishing index and journal have certain specifications regarding an ideal manuscript which makes the manuscript qualify for publication.

  • Original - The manuscript published must be authentic data, unique content and include zero-plagiarism.
  • Adhere Writing Standards - The manuscript must comply with the writing & formatting guidelines of IEEE.
  • Apt Conclusions -The conclusion must be well-presented and supported by strong evidence/data.
  • References - Apt references related to the existing literature must be included and be formatted.

A Sneak Peek At Our Service

Publishing a manuscript in IEEE is not as easy as pie. Besides meeting the mandatory writing guidelines set by the journal, the manuscript must include niche content that is significant to the research community. The team at Journal Experts, including academic writers, editors and reviewers can offer you a helping hand and help you accomplish your academic goals.

  • Our team of writers can help you craft a niche manuscript that is of the highest quality.
  • The editors & reviewers can provide suggestions and assist you in refining your manuscript.
  • Our team checks for the authenticity of the content and ensures that it is original.
  • We can also recommend suitable transaction for the publication of your manuscript.

Now you can get a no obligation review of your manuscript by our expert team. Our team will advise you points of improvement for the manuscript which will increase chances of publication.