Hassle-Free SCI Indexed Publishing Solutions

As a research student, you would want your magnum opus to get published in an indexed and popular journal in order to advance in your academic field. Choosing a reputed journal from the pool of journals in your discipline can be arduous.

The target journal must have a high impact factor and should publish high quality research that holds a value for the research community. Science Citation Index, popularly known as SCI, gives information of journals that are SCI indexed & are of the highest standards.

Manuscript Requirements For SCI Indexed Journal

The SCI Indexed Journals only allow those manuscripts which are rich in quality and in order to get published by these journals, the manuscript must conform to the below mentioned points.

  • Informative titles -
    The manuscript should include a title that gives an overview of the research.
  • Bibliographic Information -
    The manuscript should include bibliographic details for all cited works.
  • Novelty -
    The content included within the manuscript should be unique, engaging and original.
  • Error-free -
    There shouldn’t exist minutest language errors and should comply with writing ethics.

Our Unparalleled Solutions

Identifying the right SCI indexed journal that aligns with the scope of your research can be challenging. We, as Journal Experts, can help you in choosing the best match for your manuscript and enable you to climb a step higher in your academics.

  • We can assist you in comparing journals that are SCI indexed in your field of study.
  • Our team can suggest journals that are available online as well as offline for readers.
  • We can also help you keep track of SCI indexed journals in your study domain.
  • The editors can help you adhere to the guidelines of your target journal.

Now you can get a no obligation review of your manuscript by our expert team. Our team will advise you points of improvement for the manuscript which will increase chances of publication.