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Have you conducted your research and prepared your manuscript but not sure of how to get it published? Have you faced rejection of your manuscript? At Journal experts, we present answers to some of the challenging questions related to manuscript publishing. Conducting research and preparing manuscript is different from getting it published. Before you submit your manuscript for review, you need to ensure that the research is really contributing to the area of research, if the language and format complying with the journal requirements and whether the analysis/results is presented with clarity or not.

To help authors get published with ease, Journal experts offers a no obligation peer review service for their manuscript. The manuscript is peer-reviewed by experts at no cost and presented with a set of suggestions and criticism with an objective to improve the manuscript. And yes, you need not be worried about the confidentiality of your manuscript. You can sign an online NDA and submit your manuscript online through secured process here

No cost Peer Review for your manuscript
Review completed in 5 days
Review submitted as comments in the manuscript file
Guaranteed security of the manuscript
Review by India's top researchers

After you submit the manuscript for peer review, you should expect the review to be complete in 5-7 working days and manuscript returned to you in doc or docx format with comments in track changes format. It is important to note here that our reviewers under this free review service will not edit your manuscript or make any changes to it. They will provide a list of suggestions or will highlight the areas which need improvement or shall criticise the manuscript with an objective that you can make significant improvements in your manuscript and avoid rejection.

Now you can get a no obligation review of your manuscript by our expert team. Our team will advise you points of improvement for the manuscript which will increase chances of publication.