What is Manuscript Graphic Work

Graphics speak much more about your research than some simple text can do. However, not all research students are good at dealing with the artwork.

If you feel that you need to add a zing to your research paper, then take it ahead of common manuscripts. Present your work using interesting diagrams, charts, graphs, figures, and other graphic elements. This can appeal the journal editors or reviewers and add value when your work is being evaluated for being approved for publishing.

The Areas On Which Our Graphic Services Focus

Adhering To Data

The Graphic services are based on the data findings. However, not all graphics can properly represent all types of data; simple, complex or detailed. This is why it is important to choose a graphical representation which does not confuse the readers.


The top most priority of a journal is to publish quality content especially when the journals have to keep up with their reputations. Any compromise in this area can also affect the future opportunities of getting published by the same journal.

Journal Specific Service

A journal can reject the manuscript in case the figures, charts or graphics are not in accordance with the specified measures. There are many factors including color scheme, resolution, size and file type which can differ. Therefore, it is important to be double sure about the target journal’s requirement before getting the graphic service.

Key Features

Image Resolution

We maintain the highest resolution of the images.

Vector Graphics

We provide vector graphics

Colour Illustrations

We provide coloured and clear illustrations.

Figure caption and placement

Figure captions will also be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any standard graphic format, such as .tif, .jpg, .png, .bmp, or .gif

  • .doc, .docx (Microsoft Word)
  • .odt (OpenOffice Writer)
  • .ppt, .pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • .xls, .xlsx (Microsoft Excel)
  • .ods (OpenOffice Calc)

Yes, we can also format the tables and figures.

It is recommended that you should send the final version of your figures to us for formatting before the start of the service. However, if you need to make any changes to your figures after formatting, you can mention the changes over email and we will work with you to make the necessary adjustments.

Now you can get a no obligation review of your manuscript by our expert team. Our team will advise you points of improvement for the manuscript which will increase chances of publication.