Cover Letter Development

Our team of experts and editors will carefully craft a cover letter that makes your research stand out from the competition. Basically, it argues that your manuscript is a good fit for the journal that you are submitting it to and highlight your most important findings. Our team will help you communicate the novelty of your research in crisp, clean prose that demonstrates the importance of your findings. Also, we design the letter in such a way that it will influence the decision of the Stage 1 reviewers to send your manuscript to Stage 2.

Quick tips for developing a Cover Letter

  • Font should be the same as the Manuscript. Generally, it should be Times New Roman, size 12 point.
  • Line spacing should be single.
  • Text spacing should be single spaced.
  • Do not use indent paragraphs.
  • All text should be justified.
  • To check grammatical and spelling errors, use any free software like Grammarly.
  • Double check the critical information like journal name, manuscript title.

Key Features

Adhere to Journal Guidelines

While working on your cover letter we ensure to adhere to the guidelines of your target journal.

Maintain Consistency

The writers will maintain consistency in writing style, tone, etc. through the cover letter.

Influencing Content

We write influencing content to attract the reviewer.

Zero linguistic errors

We describe objectives and conclusion well.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a team of professional writers who will develop the cover letter as per the targeted journal.

We would require a maximum of 5 days time to develop a cover letter.

To develop a cover letter, we would require your personal information (like your name, email id, designation), co-author details and the manuscript which you are targeting to publish.

Now you can get a no obligation review of your manuscript by our expert team. Our team will advise you points of improvement for the manuscript which will increase chances of publication.