Data Analysis

Performing data analysis is no cakewalk. It requires adept knowledge in choosing suitable
data collection & analysis technique and tools.

At Journal Experts, we have a team of dedicated and professional statisticians who can take it upon themselves to perform the data analysis (both qualitative and quantitative) using software like SPSS, AMOS, STATA, Nvivo, etc.

Our team of statisticians ensures that the data is analysed accurately while achieving the objectives of research. While a quantitative study may require intense analysis, a qualitative study may also not end up with the right results if its data is improperly tabulated.

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Types Of Data Analysis Service We Provide

Considering the different needs of the manuscript authors as per the journal requirements and the subject area, we provide following data-analysis services to suit your specific needs.

Descriptive Analysis

To provide a summarised form of the data collected, a constructive way is used to show and describe the numerical data in the descriptive analysis process. It helps in developing a pattern that fulfills all the requirements in a statistical analysis.

Exploratory Analysis

To identify the main characteristics of the data and show them through statistical graphics and other options to show the data clearly, the exploratory analysis method is used for the data analysis.

Causal Analysis

To define the cause and effect relationship between the data and the factors impacting it, causal analysis is used. These statistics help in interpreting the data in a more defined way.

Inferential Analysis

The inferential analysis helps in deriving the estimates of a data by going through the probability distribution and other underlying elements. In other words, the properties of a data is inferred through this analysis.

Predictive Analysis

To analyse the future impact and scope of data, the previous and present data gets analysed in the predictive analysis method. Data mining, predictive modeling and machine learning are used in this process.

Mechanistic Analysis

To develop a basis for simulation, mechanistic analysis is used. It helps in developing static equations which calculate the exact difference in the variables and thus,require the most efforts.

Benefits You Receive Along With Data Analysis Services

To maximise the satisfaction, we also provide additional benefits which are included in the services without any additional cost.

Selection of apt statistical tests

Our statisticians help you in choosing suitable statistical test & tools.

100% data confidentiality

We maintain 100% confidentiality of the data shared with us.

Complimentary interpretation writing

Along with the data analysis report, the interpretation & is provided.

Interpret the results

We our experts will also help you in interpreting the obtained results.

Journal Experts Software Assistance

Different softwares have different data functions which provide specific solutions for data and statistical analysis. Due to this,we have experts who have extensive knowledge about the below-mentioned softwares.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, previous works as sample document are available on the website for you to view and get an understanding of the deliverable from our side.

Timeline required to complete the analysis work depends on the complexity of data. Generally, we would require 7-10 working days for doing a normal analysis. However, in the case of complex analysis, we might require 15-20 days.

Yes, definitely. We will address all the changes suggested by reviewer related to data analysis section.

Yes, we will provide the output files.

For doing data analysis through a statistical software like SPSS, we would require the following details:

  • Research Objectives
  • Questionnaire
  • Hypothesis, if any
  • Data in excel sheet

In interpretation report, we include tables with graphs and the interpretation of tables.

Yes, we will provide you the formatted data analysis document.

Now you can get a no obligation review of your manuscript by our expert team. Our team will advise you points of improvement for the manuscript which will increase chances of publication.