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Researchers can maximize the chance of getting their manuscripts published by matching them with the most appropriate journal in terms of the scope of research.

Our team of experts holds extensive experience in peer reviewing and editing for international journals in various fields of study and assures you that the journal we select for you would match well with the findings of the manuscript which can help you accomplish your publishing goal.

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Key Points To Consider For Journal Search : Select The Most Appropriate

Developing an article and getting it published are not the only steps which need to be taken care of, it is important to make sure that the article has been published by the right journal according to your research purpose too. That is why we consider the following points in the Journal Search.

  • Scope of the Journal
  • Impact factor of Journal
  • Types of manuscript accepted in a journal
  • Geographic focus of the journal
  • Whether journal is paid or unpaid
  • Whether journal is openly accessible
  • How well manuscript fits within the journal scope and guidelines

How Does Journal Experts Help?

To provide the best experience in Journal Search, our team provides following benefits which help in maximising the satisfaction level from our services.

Well Matched Journals

We provide a list of high-impact journals that aligns with the objective of your manuscript.

Expert Opinions

Our experts can suggest the best type of journal (open access, traditional, etc.) for your manuscript.

AI based search of Journal

We adopt and follow Artificial Intelligence (AI) based method for searching Journals.

Quick & Easy

Our team will suggest the right fit for your journals within 3 working days.

Frequently Asked Questions

We suggest you 3 journals initially. If in a rare case, manuscript does not get accepted in all 3 journals suggested by us, we will suggest you more journals without charging additional amount.

We would take around 3-5 working days to understand the journal scope and match it with the manuscript.

Acceptance of manuscript in the journal does not depends only on the right journal selection. We can suggest you a good fit journal for your manuscript so that it does not gets rejected in the 1st stage, however, cannot provide guarantee on the same.

Suggesting a list of improvements would be a part of Peer Review Service. Hence, if you wish to take it, you can opt for our peer review service in addition to this.

Now you can get a no obligation review of your manuscript by our expert team. Our team will advise you points of improvement for the manuscript which will increase chances of publication.